Cari Duncan

Escrow Manager

Cari began her career with Palomares Escrow in 2001.  Extremely dedicated to her work and her customers, Cari will always go the extra mile for all customers and clients within the Palomares Escrow Family.  Because of her dedication, Cari is overseeing each individual Escrow Unit with expertise, experience, and the tools required to preserve the integrity and efficiency of each and every escrow file.  This includes organizational skills, her vast knowledge of residential and commercial escrows, and checking every file before closing to verify all items have been addressed and the file is in balance.  The result of Cari’s attention to detail and knowledge of the escrow process is maintaining and retaining clients who feel theirs is the only escrow file on her desk.
909-946-5694 Ex. 240
Cell 909-297-9788

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