Serving our community since 1988

We offer Escrow Services

 for the following:


  • Bulk Sales
  • Business Loan 
  • Commercial
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Land
  • Refinance
  • REO
  • Residential
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Short Sale
  • 1031 Exchange



In addition, we offer:

Notary Service

Local Courier Service

After Hour Appointments






Palomares Escrow fully recognizes and appreciates the emphasis on better service, with an essential caring attitude, to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.


We are proud to have a dependable family of employees.  With our Management Team, Escrow Officers, and Support Staff we have nearly 200 years of combined escrow experience  resulting in a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, DEDICATED, HONEST, KNOWLEDGEABLE, ACCURATE, DILIGENT, and PROFESSIONAL service team.




Donavan Price, President

Donavan has served Palomares Escrow since 2003.  Donavan serves as the President of the Corporation. Donavan continues to focus on building and maintaining professional relationships with those who serve in the Real Estate Industry, such as licensed agents and affiliates, to include lender, title insurance companies, and several major corporate and government clients.  Donavan understands the value of establishing and maintaining effective professional relationships.  He is a problem-solver and solution-provider who often rolls up his sleeves to make sure no "loose end" goes neglected.  Like Sue, Donavan is authorized to commit company resources to accomplish the task at hand.  Donavan is a licensed Real Estate Broker and Certified Notary Public.  

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Sue Price, CEO

Sue began her Real Estate Sales career in 1973.  She understands firsthand what Brokers and Agents go through in the Real Estate Industry.  In 1994, Sue decided to focus her passion of Real Estate into Escrow and acquired Palomares Escrow, where she currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer.  Sue’s professionalism, work ethic, and belief in always giving each employee the necessary tools to provide “Quality Customer Service” have been paramount to the company’s longevity and success.  Dedication, motivation, and continuing education is what makes the team at Palomares Escrow its cornerstone.  Sue knows every escrow transaction is different.  Therefore every Palomares Escrow team member is trained to perceive and tend to the customer’s underlying concerns while providing attention to detail from the escrow’s opening to closing.  Sue continues to lead Palomares Escrow by example and is a proven leader in the escrow industry.

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Lori Carhart, Escrow Officer 

One of life's most exciting experiences is purchasing a new home.  In order to make that experience memorable, Lori Carhart offers mare than 30 years of escrow skills and expertise.  She is well-experienced and has a vast understanding of every facet within the escrow industry.  Lori provides first class service on purchases, sales, refinances, 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, vacant land purchases.  Let Palomares Escrow take you on a journey of home ownership that can be pleasant, educational, and exciting. Lori  is a Certified Notary Public for all of your notary needs.  

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Patti Black, Escrow Officer

Patti has been working in escrow since 1996.  She started her career at an independent escrow company that specialized in escrows for subdivisions and new home tracts.  Patti spent the majority of her career at title company owned escrows and has been an Escrow Officer for nearly 20 years.  Patti joined our team at Palomares Escrow in 2017.  Having worked closely with title companies and being a licensed Realtor herself, she knows what title companies and Realtors expect and need in an efficient Escrow Officer.  Patti has a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to handling your escrow.  She is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and understanding Escrow Officer and we are pleased to have her on our team.  Patti is a Certified Notary Public for all of your notary needs.  

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Debbie Rickard, Escrow Officer

Debbie has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry. Debbie specializes in all phases of the escrow process.  Her deduction and expertise have prepared her for the constant changes and challenges in today's real estate market. Debbie began her career in real estate as a loan processor. After several years working in the loan industry, she decided to transition to the field of escrow and immediately found she loved it! Debbie started as an escrow assistant and quickly became adept as a short sale negotiator.
Through her perseverance, work ethic and dedication, Debbie has risen to the position of escrow officer. Debbie is extremely organized.   Those organizational skills combined with her experience and knowledge are what help drive a transaction to its completion.  Understanding how crucial communication is to a smooth escrow, Debbie is accessible to all parties throughout the transaction. Debbie looks forward to working with you and making every escrow an enjoyable experience for all.

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Douglas Price - Escrow Officer

Douglas began working in the escrow business in 2004.   The reason he loves his work is because no two escrows are alike, and he thrives on variety.   He is very detail oriented and focused on being a solutions-provider.  This is how he approaches every challenging transaction and how he handles each and every file.  Douglas is dedicated to serving his customers in a manner that is both very professional and very friendly.  Doug is also a Notary Public.
Chelle Manning - Escrow Officer
Chelle began working in the escrow business in 1999. She really enjoys people and  helping as they buy and sell real estate. She is excellent at guiding people in understanding the process so they feel comfortable rather than anxious about such an important financial event. Chelle is dedicated to serving customers in a manner that is both friendly and professional.   Chelle is also a Notary Public