Patti Black, Escrow Officer

Patti has been working in escrow since 1996.  She started her career at an independent escrow company that specialized in escrows for subdivisions and new home tracts.  Patti spent the majority of her career at title company owned escrows and has been an Escrow Officer for nearly 20 years.  Patti joined our team at Palomares Escrow in 2017.  Having worked closely with title companies and being a licensed Realtor herself, she knows what title companies and Realtors expect and need in an efficient Escrow Officer.  Patti has a wealth of knowledge and understanding when it comes to handling your escrow.  She is a dedicated, knowledgeable, and understanding Escrow Officer and we are pleased to have her on our team.  Patti is a Certified Notary Public for all of your notary needs.

Patti Black