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We offer Escrow Services

 for the following:


  • Bulk Sales
  • Business Loan 
  • Commercial
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Land
  • Refinance
  • REO
  • Residential
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Short Sale
  • 1031 Exchange



In addition, we offer:

Notary Service

Local Courier Service

After Hour Appointments



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Bulk Sale / Business Opportunity Escrows

Bulk Sale transactions are unique and demand years of experience by the escrow officer. It is very important that you choose an escrow company with officers that understand the nature of the business being sold and are familiar with the forms, A.B.C. documents and requirements which are essential to a smooth and timely closing. Let our experienced staff assist you with all your escrow transactions. Rest assured knowing that we are an unbiased, neutral company dealing exclusively with escrow transactions.

Our Certified Escrow Officer has over 34 years experience specializing in Bulk Sales, Asset Purchases (including Corporations and LLC), and Liquor Licenses. Palomares Escrow has handled many different types of businesses including the following:

    • Restaurants & Bars
    • Liquor Stores & Food Marts
    • Retail and Service Businesses
    • Pharmacies, Dental and Medical Offices
    • Franchises
    • Liquor Licenses
    • Asset Purchases
    • Gas Stations   

Business Transfers (Bulk Sales / Business Opportunity)

To protect both parties involved in a purchase or selling of a business it is important to open an Escrow for the action being taken. Were you aware of the liabilities or responsibilities that lie if you do not open an escrow? Call us today at Palomares Escrow Inc., for your initial consultation.

Liquor Licenses 

Purchasing a business which has a liquor license can be difficult. With the help of Palomares Escrow we can help you achieve that goal. State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) requires an escrow when proceeding with a transfer. Palomares Escrow can assist you in making sure everything is in order and a transfer of liquor license goes as smoothly as possible.  

When shopping for an escrow company, ask yourself three questions:

    • Were you able to speak to a qualified escrow officer immediately?
    • Did they answer your questions confidently and to your satisfaction?
    • Did they offer any assistance or guidance to you prior to opening an escrow?
Douglas Price and Chelle Manning