Serving our community since 1988

We offer Escrow Services

 for the following:


  • Bulk Sales
  • Business Loan 
  • Commercial
  • For Sale by Owner
  • Mobile and Manufactured Homes
  • Land
  • Refinance
  • REO
  • Residential
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Short Sale
  • 1031 Exchange



In addition, we offer:

Notary Service

Local Courier Service

After Hour Appointments




Celebrating Excellent Service since 1988




Palomares Escrow, Inc. was established in 1988 in San Bernardino County, Upland, California. The firm’s mission is to provide the best possible escrow and closing services at competitive prices to all the real estate communities throughout Southern California. Our expanded services now reach clients in other counties of Southern, Central and Northern California.


The theme statement of Palomares Escrow is "Count on Our Family to Serve Your Family." Our commitment is to meet and exceed our clients expectations on each and every transaction. We provide three essential factors that ensure our success of each and every closing.


The first crucial factor in all successful escrow services firms is peoplepeople who care. We are very proud to have a dependable family of employees. All of us deeply care about those we serve! Beyond that essential caring attitude, our people are also highly experienced, dedicated, honest, knowledgeable, accurate, and diligent to meet vital time deadlines.


A second important factor is to maintain complete business independence from any real estate broker, insurance company selling title policies, or mortgage lender, so as to be 100% objective in representing the escrow and settlement need buyer and seller in every transaction. Because our sole business is escrow, we are also focused on the quality of services we provide in order to truly earn our fees and build our reputation to ensure repeat business.


The third essential factor is performance. In order to ensure our commitment to achieve high performance standards and maintain excellent quality that enables us to avoid any mistakes, Palomares Escrow has arranged several systems to insure quality and accurate closings. A very important function of our business is making sure the purchasers and real estate agents are as informed as possible about the process. We find that most people who are trying to purchase a property are appreciative of any assistance given by courteous, knowledgeable staff that helps guide them through the sometimes-difficult process. Every Palomares Escrow employee is trained to know that most of the home buying public is unfamiliar the closing process, so it is essential to instruct them with patient professionalism in the best way possible to make the completion of their property transaction run smoothly and on time.




California License #963-1440        

with the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation